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 Diskussion über St. Anger (Closed)
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Metalliman Offline

Stone Cold Member

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18.05.2003 14:37
#16 RE:Noch ein Review & Design des Digipaks (?) Antworten

Das zweite Bild.. das ist doch der Typ aus der Serie "Geschichten aus der Gruft". So ähnlich sieht er aus.


kafka Offline

Heavy Metallifux

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18.05.2003 14:59
#17 RE:Noch ein Review & Design des Digipaks (?) Antworten

stimmt haste recht *G*

Metalliman Offline

Stone Cold Member

Beiträge: 447

18.05.2003 15:11
#18 RE:Noch ein Review & Design des Digipaks (?) Antworten

Die Idee kam bestimmt von dem Horror-Freak Kirk Hammet


TheUnforgiven II Offline

Overkill Member

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19.05.2003 19:22
#19 RE:Noch ein Review & Design des Digipaks (?) Antworten

Ich finde das Cover sieht bis jetzt am besten aus und natürlich Master of Puppets

HeTill Offline

Admin, Inc.

Beiträge: 7.699

25.05.2003 11:20
#20 RE:Noch ein Review & Design des Digipaks (?) Antworten

Guckt euch dieses Review mal an von dem typen von (also einem typen, der MET seit Load nicht mehr mochte):
First Look - St. Anger
Over the course of the three years has been operating, we've heard from lots of people, including editors of mainstream music magazines, and been interviewed for radio programs and many a news story. One of the other things that happened is that I had occasional e-mail exchanges with one of Metallica's managers. (Cordial, friendly, e-mails, it's not like they were trying to shut me down or anything).
I won't claim that he and I are friends, but I certainly never got the feeling he was anything but truthful with me. We had a couple frank and honest conversations about Metallica's direction, where I thought they "went south" musically, and what was the straw that broke the camel's back. He even had a couple ideas for trying to reconcile the "sucks" crowd with the fans, but the main one never panned out.

With Metallica's new St. Anger CD coming out June 10th, I decided to drop my contact a line, see what he could do for me in terms of maybe a review copy. I've always said I was openminded about tunes, simply that they'd lost my trust factor in terms of whether I would plunk down coin for the album before I'd heard it in its entirety.

I got an e-mail back which said, basically, that nobody was getting preview copies, not even me, but would I like to come down and have a listen in Q-Prime's private listening room?

I sensed a trap, an ambush, figuring that when I got there, he would surprise me somehow by saying "guess who happened to be around" and there would be Lars or James to try and plead their case for past sins or something. I must admit, though, that cool as it might have been to have an opportunity like that to do face-to-face critiquing of past albums, I'm glad it didn't happen.

I arrived at the Q-Prime offices (and don't let the movies fool you, these offices are nothing like what you might see in Jerry Maguire or anything like that) shortly before 11. My contact was on the phone, so I ended up spending time talking to the receptionist. It was interesting to at least realize I wasn't the only one who thought that maybe Load and ReLoad weren't the greatest pieces of work.

Finally I was ushered into the media room. After being asked if I had any tape recorders (no) and to put my laptop away (understandable, since it'd be about five minutes work for me to rip the album to MP3 and walk out with a semi-pristine copy), they popped in the new disc and left me alone for 75 minutes of listening. Security was tight on the disc, a CD-R that had come out of the Sony Recording Studios only two weeks prior, and sported a fictitious band name to throw people off the scent.

Let me say this now, up-front. Anyone who expects James to scream and wail like he did as some twenty year old on their early albums is nuts. That's just not going to happen. That's not where James' voice is at his age. If that's the standard someone is going to apply to whether or not they like the new disc, give up now, you won't like it, nor will you ever like anything ever again, even if they went back into the studio and re-recorded Kill 'Em All from scratch. Deal with it.

It wasn't the hair changes, or the sometimes weird Kirk piercings that drove many of the fans away, it was that the music was just plain bad. While they claimed they were "influenced" by other music, it was clear to a casual observer that what they had done was aim to be like that other music. They had taken "influence" to a whole new level.

This isn't the most radio-friendly disc, with the shortest track coming in at a little over five minutes, and an average track length of just under seven minutes, including several eight-minute-plus tunes.

That said, this CD is what the average metalli-basher has been asking for all these years. This is what you might have expected five or six years ago, as a follow-up to their self-titled "Black Album". It's clear from listening to it that there are certainly influences, but that the core ... the meat of the music ... is the Metallica many of us grew up on.

So what do the tracks look like?

Frantic 5:50
St. Anger 7:21
Some Kind Of Monster 8:26
Dirty Window 5:25
Invisible Kid 8:30
My World 5:45
Shoot Me Again 7:10
Sweet Amber 5:27
The Unnamed Feeling 7:08
Purify 5:14
All Within My Hands 8:48

My first throughts, after a single listen through with no real note-taking ability along the way (I'd intended to use my laptop for that)

Heaviest Track: Some Kind Of Monster
Weakest Track: Sweet Amber
Best Grade I Gave a Track in My Shorthand Notes: A+
Worst Grade I Gave a Track in My Shorthand Notes: B-
Overall grade for the album: A-
Would I, as someone who has been on the anti-metallica forefront for the last four years, plunk down hard-earned coin on this album? YES!

It will be interesting to see what happens here on the site over the intervening time. Certainly some of our populace will be appeased by the return of the heavier musical direction, but others will be unhappy. Still another group won't care what direction the music goes, because the band's actions and deeds will have already lost those fans forever.

Once upon a time, I considered myself to be a part of that last group. Today, after hearing it, I'm not so sure. I'm not yet certain I'd pay to see them in concert again - I still have this vicious memory of something that sounded like a steel guitar version of The Four Horsemen in my head from the last time I saw them in concert, the first time I ever walked out of a Metallica show before the house lights came up. They haven't completely won me back by a long shot, but I'm at least negotiable on the topic, which is a pretty big accomplishment.

Time will tell, though. It is undeniably an interesting first step.

If I could have my wasted days back / I'd use them to get back on track / Try to warn karmas burning,
Moved ahead but keep on turning / Do I have the strength / Or do I let go / Can't fight it inside / Do what I should have known / Can I have my wasted days back / I'll use them to get back on track / You live it, you lie it / You live it, or die it / My lifestyle determines my deathstyle, / My lifestyle determines my deathstyle / Keep searching, / Keep on searching / ....the search goes on / ....the search goes on / Keep searching / Keep on searching

Hammett Offline

5th Horseman

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25.05.2003 12:24
#21 RE:Noch ein Review & Design des Digipaks (?) Antworten

Sehr interessant. Witzig finde ich auch, dass er Monster als den "heaviest Track" angibt und ich den Ausschnitt gar nicht mal so heavy fand. Das zeigt denke ich nur, dass die kurzen Ausschnitte kaum was über die Songs aussagen. Allerdings muss heavy ja nicht unbedingt gut bedeuten, wenn ihr versteht, was ich meine. Aber vielleicht zeigt das Review, dass Metallica wirklich einen neuen Weg eingegangen ist, der auch alte Fans und Load/Reload - Ablehner überzeugt. Jedenfalls freue ich mich jeden Tag mehr auf das Album. Ich bin sicher, dass es mir gefallen wird.



"Remember, There's Always One Higher Click On The Metronome To Strive For!"

John Petrucci

Metfan86 Offline

Tender Surrender

Beiträge: 8.150

25.05.2003 12:28
#22 RE:Noch ein Review & Design des Digipaks (?) Antworten

Ich finde es nur komisch, dass er nichts über ,die bisher unbekannten Titel, Purify und All Within My Hands gesagt hat ??

"Music is the language of the heart, the sound of the soul. The more we understand it,
the deeper the listening experience becomes."

Joe Satriani

"If you want to be a virtuoso then you have to set your sights above me. You have to go beyond what I'm doing. And that's for you to figure out. Because if you can do that, then I'm going to be trying to go beyond you."

Steve Vai

MrRadioHead ( Gast )

25.05.2003 14:29
#23 RE:Noch ein Review & Design des Digipaks (?) Antworten

na ja ich halte eh nix von den sogenannten "fans" die alles ab load verachten...

Maggot505 Offline

The Dumb

Beiträge: 26

25.05.2003 20:22
#24 RE:Noch ein Review & Design des Digipaks (?) Antworten

Äh kann mal jemand sagen was da im Text drin steht?Ich verstehe kein English

REmember Martin Wilke....

REmember the Community

Saber Rider Offline

Godfather of Metal

Beiträge: 6.461

25.05.2003 23:18
#25 RE:Noch ein Review & Design des Digipaks (?) Antworten

Ach, auf solche Reviews könnt ihr scheißen.

Als ob jeder dahergelaufene Idiot zu einer kleinen Listening- Session mit den Chefs persönlich eingeladen wird...*abwink*

Wartet doch noch die 2 Wochen ab und bildet euch selber n Urteil.

Für alle die kein Englisch lesen können: Er schreibt, dass er Metallica vorher nicht abkonnte und er die Band seit St. Anger wieder cool findet.

CrypticWolf Offline

Godfather of Metal

Beiträge: 3.938

26.05.2003 00:20
#26 RE:Noch ein Review & Design des Digipaks (?) Antworten

ich weiß ja nicht... ich finde man ist jetzt auch nicht schlauer und man kann nur eben abwarten, bis das verdammte ding endlich da ist.

keep creeping & banging

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