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-[TORS]- ( Gast )

05.06.2001 21:46
#31 Re: Kurze Info Antworten
Irgendwie hatte ich bei meinen Beitrag (dem ersten) den Teil nach dem strich falsch! (nochmal der erste)!
Habs jetzt behoben also haben wir den zweiten Teil doppelt!
Es fehlt aber immer noch der letzte Teil, der in dem Forum noch net ganz abgetippt wurde (LarsUlrich, nimm dir mal ein Beispiel daran *ggggg*)

Tschö, Tors

"He has a great vibe and has always brought some very cool energy to the band. Both on and off-stage"

James Hetfield über Kirk Hammett

Moderator der Foren "Das neue Album", "Tausch & Kauf", "Internes" und "Musiker"

ONE ( Gast )

06.06.2001 20:02
#32 Re: Kurze Info Antworten
hier nun der letzte teil (rauskopiert von megadeth-forum)

Very interesting you say that.

LU: So, that’s why I’m saying if Jason offered to come back in 3 months, I think that we would probably not go with that to protect ourselves from being hurt again. Do you know what I mean?

I know exactly what you’re saying. For the record, You’re also making it known that he quit at probably the most fluent point of your relationship.

KH: It’s just a shame, it’s sad that he couldn’t be part of this new era of Metallica because we are just growing so much on a personal level and that’s bound to influence things on a musical level. That’s an area that he would have just flourished and it’s just a shame that he’s not here to be a part of that.

LU: If I had known that the night I punched him back in ’93 in Fort Myers, if I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have punched him.

You actually punched him?

KH: (laughing) They were fighting and there was a camera that was beaming it out to an arena full of people. (On the “Black” album tour there were cameras capturing the backstage action and beaming it out to the arena.) I was going, ‘Oh shit! Here we go!’ because I know when Lars means it and I know when Jason means it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they know it. I was just like, “Oh, alright, what can I do to get the camera off…” (laughing hysterically)

I’m kind of just reveling in the fact you (Lars) would throw a punch at him.

JH: Let me just say something more about the side project. I really felt in my heart that side projects were detracting from the strength of Metallica, and now that we’ve got a real trust with each other, that’s a huge strength. When you doubt each other a little bit and a side project occurs, you think that they’ve got ulterior motives a lot of times and that’s what I didn’t like. It didn’t feel as strong as it could be and that was most of the fear.

Right. You were acting on having fear and no knowledge so…

JH: So, I spoke to him and said, ‘no, you can’t, we’ve got to stay together.’

Right, right. Everyone else has made their comments about if he were to wonder back into the picture, is it a picture that you would care to entertain yourself?

JH: He can wander back anytime, but being in the band would be tough because of what has gone on. To tell you the truth I’m looking forward, I really am. We’re talking about this new era and it’s too bad Jason couldn’t be a part of it and really, he’s created this new era by bringing us to the point of where we are.


JH: If we had these talks 10 years ago, we might not be where we are right now, but we might be there earlier and we might have discovered things about each other that were completely wrong and different. One of us… the band could have had different members back then, you know?


JH: Because it is… being truthful with each other. Why lie to just stay in a band or do whatever, you know? You’ve got to understand each other and be strong together, you know?

LU: I just want to agree that when James says there is a sense of rebirth, I think we’re all really looking forward to it, whatever it is. Once again going back to what I said before about all of the options… it’s pretty fu**ing cool. Of course in some perverse way Jason was the sacrificial lamb for that, so it’s like…

JH: But really, sorry to cut you off, but there was a point at the very 1st meeting where he didn’t have to go that far, he didn’t have to quit. But it was really months ahead of time, he had… (it seems) it was a premeditated thing.

LU: We really all feel that because of what went down, he had the option of changing his mind. We talked to him about changing his mind…

JH: That should be known.

LU: Yeah. He had made his choice sometime before that. I’m not going to go on record as saying that’s a fact, but he probably made his decision sometime in the fall during the black hole.

KH: You know what really sucks for me about this whole Jason thing, is that it appears that he arrived at his decision without even including us, you know? And after having so much history with the guy…

I would even agree with that, no doubt.

KH: You would think that he would at least give us the opportunity to at least consider this with him instead of unilaterally making a decision months in advance of us ever even trying to fix the situation. In other words, he didn’t give us the opportunity or enough of an opportunity to fix it.

Maybe he just wasn’t able to do it at that time, for whatever reason. Maybe he had the desire but just couldn’t do it.

KH: What it was – is too little too late. That was the bottom line, too little too fu**ing late.

JH: It’s not like the 3 of us had to fix something for him, we all had to fix it together.

LU: And fix stuff within ourselves.

JH: Exactly. And if he didn’t want to be part of the fixing then that was his decision.

The stuff he has to fix, he might only be capable of doing by himself.

JH: Well, it was all internal fixing within ourselves and each other.

LU: That’s the key thing I think James is saying. It’s come to a point where I don’t think any of us really ever realized that in order to mend relationships it’s not just about trying to get the other person to see your point, it’s about how you interpret the situation and how you deal with what’s inside you. And that’s where I’d say the major change has been in the last couple of months, is that we all have a different awareness of our strengths and of our weaknesses and we have a different honesty both to ourselves and to each other about them. Especially about weaknesses, and that has never, ever, ever come out before and that is awesome.

JH: If you could take inventory of all the band weaknesses, all of the strengths will appear and fill those ‘weakness’ holes and become completely strong.

Lars, let me ask you something on a very personal level. In the past whenever a crisis has occurred, you’re the person that pops up and basically, you put a business head on, and sort out whatever has to be done to bring it through…

KH: … he’s the most eloquent.

… Do you think if you hadn’t have been going through your personal situation (Lars was separated from his wife for a while at the end of 2000) you might have been tempted to throw all of your energy into repairing this situation in the short term, thus dragging it out and out…

LU: Jason?

I mean, let’s be honest, your tank was probably empty. You were probably like, ‘fu**, I’ve got other shit to sort out here in my own life.’ Do you think if you hadn’t had that, you would have been tempted to make it all work, like, ‘we’ve got to make this happen, we’ve got to keep…’

LU: Good question. In my heart of hearts I feel Jason made a decision months before our meeting, and I do not think that he would, for anything in the world, change that. So I sort of felt I had an awareness of that all along, so I don’t think it’s got so much to do with that. I mean, it’s interesting when you’re dealing with it, cuz I’m dealing with 2 levels instead of just 1. I’m not just dealing with the band, I’m also dealing with similar stuff personally in terms of what’s going on with my family. So, it’s an interesting correlation between the 2 situations and how you come to a pint where you realize, and this is something I think that we all realized, like James keeps coming up with the word family… that Metallica and your own thing are not 2 separate entities, no matter how much you try and force that and I’ve been trying to do that a lot. And we are all Metallica, we all are each ourselves and all of our families are as much part of Metallica as they’re not part of Metallica. And it’s sort of like the strength of Metallica depends on the individual strength and the happiness that each person has in their own lives, and the balances that each person has in his own life and all this type of stuff. So, it’s obviously been interesting for me in the last couple months to deal with some of the imbalances in my personal life. It’s been very awakening on many levels.

Has it been interesting for you guys to be privy to some of the imbalances in his (Lars’ life that you might not have known about and thought ‘wow, I have some advice for that, maybe I could offer some support?’

JH: Sure. But we didn’t know before that there wasn’t much communication. This whole thing… you needed to realize first that there wasn’t communication and then remedy it.

LU: I think we would all tell each other what the other person would want to hear. So, now we don’t censor ourselves.

KH: That’s a total codependent thing – don’t censor yourself.

JH: Don’t fu**ing censor your fu**ing self!

LU: That’s what’s so awesome about the sessions and stuff that we’re going through. There’s a completely… there’s never, ever a moment where I sit and think about what it is I want to say, I just say it. So, it’s not like at this moment, what do you think the other guys would want to hear and that type of stuff. I think we all feel that at different levels, that there’s kind of a naked openness about what comes out of our mouths that has never been there before, because it was always about what would the other person really think about this or other stuff.

Very cool. Back to musical matters for a moment. Any writing at all right now, anything going on?

JH: There’s been individual writing, but we would like to sit down and write together. I mean, there are some approaches to writing that we haven’t tried that I think are very appealing right now. So we’d like to try a few different ways, creating more together, creating different ways, ‘here, I’ve got a whole song, let’s fu** with it that way,’ ‘here you’ve got nothing, let’s start from scratch!’

LU: Everything right now is about trying to create together. We’ve talked about, at least for the foreseeable future, we’ve talked about only playing together, writing together…

So, you will be writing together?

LU: Absolutely.

Let me ask you, is the Hetfield/Ulrich ‘we are the song people’ kind of being relinquished a little bit?

JH: No. We want to ad to it. We want to make it the Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammett song people – I guess it would be alphabetically…

KH: YEAH! Hammett, Hetfield and Ulrich… (laughs)

JH: No, wait a munute, let’s go first names… James! (everyone laughs)

LU: Let’s go from place of birth, east to west. (laughter)

JH: Wait! Let’s go by height!

Let it be noted that the democracy is so great right now that they are striving for ways to…

LU: What we’re going to do is go for 3 different versions of So What! and in each one of them we could say Hetfield, Ulrigh, Hammett and you can say Hammett, Ulrich, Hetfield…

KH: It’s either that or 3 different CD sleeves.

JH: Well, I… what we want to get at is a complete honest way of writing and before it was… well, looking back it worked completely. But, you know, if I was Kirk, I would feel like I was submitting my tape for approval and it’s really weird now that I think about that.


JH: ‘And who’s approving this? And why are you approving it and why am I not part of the approval process?’ That’s crazy.

LU: I spoke to our accountant a couple of days ago and said we should get together and have a meeting about some financial things. The accountant said, ‘I should meet with you and James’ and I said, ‘no you shouldn’t meet with me and James, you should meet with me, Kirk and James.’ I think that you’ll find it’s really awesome all of us just doing interviews together from now on and all that type of stuff. Meetings should be all of us together and all that type of stuff.

So that’s going to impact the way you record, the way you write. I mean…

JH: I mean it’s only going to make it stronger. The more open it is, the more great shit comes in, and at the end of the day we all have to agree that it’s good. So why not have it in there.

Right. Wow, I’m serious, this is an exciting time… This is exciting right now.

JH: Yes.

That’s the key word – Exciting!

JH: I’d say so.

Have you at all started thinking about what you’ll be doing recording wise or is that the point… you haven’t because you don’t yet know.

LU: We haven’t really talked much communally.

Do you guys want to start now?

LU: I’m just looking forward to getting into a room with these 2 guys and fu**ing seeing what happens when we start playing.


LU: The one thing that we’ve talked about, is that the approach becomes different. In the past it’s always been 2 different processes – the writing process and the recording process have been 2 separate entities in 2 separate physical places at 2 separate times. We want to try and do away with that separation. We want to try and write and record at the same time in the same place and maybe even kind of do what we did with ‘I Disappear’ maybe write and make one song at a time.

JH: And release it… (everybody laughs)

LU: … on Napster. (everybody laughs)

JH: Instead of writing and recording was just thought, let’s record it first and then write it! (mischievous chuckling)

So anything could happen. I mean, nobody should be surprised if you don’t choose a bassist immediately… you could play with a touring bass player for the summer if you wanted to. You could…

KH: (To James and Lars) Should I tell him about my idea about the 2 guitar necks?

JH: Yeah.

KH: See, what we’re going to do is James and I are going to get double necks. Bass on one neck and guitar on the other. During the song James is going to be playing guitar and I’m going to be playing bass. And when it comes to bass solos – I switch back to the guitar neck and he switches to the bass neck, I play the solo on the guitar solo, he can play his bass and when I’m done, he switches to the guitar and I switch to the bass.

You guys are already being mean, you’re leaving him (Lars) out of it. Maybe he wants to be the bass player too.

KH: No, we’re going to give him a whistle.

A whistle?

LU: So I can play drums and whistle. (everyone laughs)

So, you can play drums and whistle!

LU: I’m going to be back bathing at that point.

Oh man. Before the comedians get carried away here, I have to say that the “N” word just came up – That would be Napster. So, it’s the 1st time I’ve talked to all 3 of you together about Napster. How did you feel about it as it was happening and how do you feel about it now?

KH: I feel good about it now.

LU: How did you feel about it before?

JH: (speaking the day after judges ordered Napster to bar access to certain copywritten songs) What’s happening? (laughs really hard)

KH: They closed down. They’re screening…

How did you feel about it when there was a fight to be fought and he (Lars) took it on?

JH: He was awesome. He IS awesome.

LU: Thanks man!

JH: We can’t say enough about how… he’s taken a lot of hits and a lot of… he’s taken the brunt of the feedback – good or bad, but most of it has been bad. A lot of the good feedback is really quiet because no one wants to support you, they’ll do it in back rooms but they’re not going to come out and…

KH: It doesn’t look as good in print. (everyone laughing)

JH: We’ve always been supportive because obviously it was a band decision. There were other things going on in our lives that didn’t allow us to be as vocal as Lars. He got very educated on it and very in depth into it. None of us could really catch up to help at that point and he kind of ran with it, and we’re very proud and it’s great that he did that.

Would you do it again?

LU: No.

Seriously, you wouldn’t do it again?

LU: It would be really difficult.

What’s been the hardest bit?

LU: All of the time that it has taken up.

Has it been hard getting a good whipping from a lot of people and being told that you’re an a****?

LU: It’s not that. The hardest thing has been the amount of time it’s consumed. It’s been about a year now and it’s consumed so much of my time. That’s the hardest thing. It was actually kind of nice because in November, December, January before… when it was lost in appellate court and held for 3 months or whatever, it actually got kind of quiet. Then about a month ago when they came back, it just all flared up like twofold. Every single day I meet some young musician who comes up and says ‘I’m in a garage band, what you’re doing is standing up for me, that’s awesome.’ The biggest misconception has always been about the money and we’ve already talked about that. But, there’s a lot of great people out there who have given me the support and supported the band and stuff like that, but then there’s been that time frame. The amount of time it’s taken up where I could be hanging with my son or working on my relationships or practicing drums or bathing or whatever.

I’d personally like to note that bathing is at the lowest point of that priority list!

KH: Napster was in this for the money all along and their whole process if they had won, initially, they would have been circumventing all the money that goes to the artist and putting it in their own pockets. Their whole appeal to the media and to the public was that they were doing it for altruistic reasons, they’re doing it for the good of mankind or whatever. That is that biggest fu**ing crock of shit! And then here comes Lars, who represents success, fame, wealth – of course Napster is going to try to appeal to people who aren’t as privileged or whatever – of course they are going to appeal to the people with an altruistic notion, you know? Because they (people) don’t know, they’re just getting music for free and they just think it’s going to remain that way for the whole time, but it was always their intention to make money and take money away from artists and put it in their own pockets. That is a fight worth fighting until the death.

JH: They would become the new record company and we would be stuck with them without a contract. At least when you sign with a record company, you know what you’re signing, ‘OK, we’ll sign this’ or ‘let’s alter this.’ They just took your stuff and all of a sudden ‘hey we’re going to charge you.’ It doesn’t matter which way it was, we’re getting fu**ed. We’ll take the hits, we’re strong, it’s not going to kill us, it’s going to make us stronger, but all of the hits about the greediness are what kind of bugged me a little bit. Greedy? So, I’m greedy because I want to get paid for what I’m doing? It’s really not greedy to go online and horde thousands of songs just because Napster might go down? It’s like looting, you know? And that’s not greedy at all? I mean what the fu**’s that all about?

KH: That’s a good analogy. Napster enabled people to basically loot the record companies, the record stores, the artists…


LU: Let me go back to what we talked about before, ‘would I do it again?’ Of course I would do it again, it’s just I don’t want to… it’s been difficult and I’m not going to sit here and fu**ing say, ‘hey, I’d do it again in a heartbeat and fu** them all.’ I mean it’s been really difficult and I’ve been very confused about a lot of it. I questioned myself, I questioned Metallica’s involvement in it, I questioned the people involved around us and stuff, but ultimately of course, I would do it again. Probably, if I had to do it again, I would ant to be a little more… prepared I guess. The one thing I wish, in retrospect, is that I could’ve seen the shit storm it turned into coming, because I might have done a couple things differently in the beginning.

Sure. I understand.

LU: There was a little bit of chest beating at the beginning, which I think kind of turned people off. I think, ultimately, the best thing with the whole thing is that hopefully it will get to a point where is becomes a tolerable part of the music industry for the next time frame. But I think that the greatest sense of accomplishment of the last year was basically taking part in the education of the public. It was awesome to ride the front of that wave.

JH: it really had to happen because we were a band that stood up for that side. We could have sat back, let it slide and let the lawyers take care of it one day and said, ‘let’s play it safe’ like most of the other people and just let it do it’s thing and let the courts and all that handle it.

Right, but you picked a fight instead.

JH: Yeah. We stood up for what we felt was right. It was a little confusing in the beginning and now it’s come down to just total simplicity. Why is this not a law that is held up everywhere? Just because there’s a new way of communicating all of a sudden the law doesn’t…

… Apply…

JH: … apply. I mean, what the fu**’s that? So, we love the technology and there can be some awesome things done with it if it’s done properly, and it’s too bad, but it took this to get where we are. It was completely unsafe for us to do that, you know? You get shot at!

Very bluntly, this music is probably going to be angrier, livelier or heavier? Any words you want to throw out to give anyone a clue? Or it’s just going to be exciting?

JH: There’s definitely a lot to write about! (laughs wickedly)

I mean, there is a lot of anger but there’s a lot of control at the same time. We have a whole range of emotions and we’re learning how to get them out and communicate them.


I think that was supposed to be James talking still, but the magazine says it’s the interviewer… whatever.


KH: It’s about learning how to let those emotions, like anger, come out in a more mature fashion and using them as opposed to being controlled by them. Channeling all that stuff into the right place. We discuss channeling all that energy, and we practice it.

LU: Y’know what would be awesome? To do a Shortest Straw contest where the winner gets to spend time connecting with Metallica.

Anything that’s surprised you in this new-found communication?

KH: I’ve found that James and I have a lot more similarities than I ever thought we had in my life.

JH: We are American! (bursts into laughter)

I have to say that this conversation has been very, very cool. I mean, I know how it’s been recently and I really think having this chat right now was the right thing to do for the mag.

JH: The fans have had a lot of stuff thrown at them recently, and I think it’s been hard for them to decipher what’s real and not real. I think they’ve done a pretty great job overall, especially in the web chats where one guy gets way out of hand and everybody beats him back, there’s been so much action going on out there. I mean it’s unfortunate that the biggest statement after Jason leaving has been the Playboy interview, it’s kinda fu**ed up. (chuckling) So I’m glad people are getting to hear what we actually have to say right now. There is a lot of patience out there, and the people who stick with us belong with us.

LU: I have to agree, it’s cool that so many people have been sticking with us.

KH: I’m just glad that they’re still there after all this, and they’ll be rewarded for their patience because when we go back into the studio, all that patience will be rewarded.


bobbing_head ( Gast )

06.06.2001 23:40
#33 Re: Kurze Info Antworten
dann sag's!!!!!!!!!!!!


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