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S.O.D Offline


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09.12.2004 10:33
Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten

Kein witz - hab es gerade im Metal Hammer Forum gelesen - werde gleich die Infos posten

all i can say is holy crap!! that was such a freakin' nightmare... i don't ever want to be a part of anything like that again... i'm still shaking.... i don't even know what to say...

i was up close to the stage on the side where DBD was playing.... then i saw the guy jump out of the crwod onto the stage... he was yelling something about how "you broke up pantera.... you ruined my life.... what about phil??? he needs heroin money..." or something like that then i saw the gun and he shot DBD right in the head... when DBD went down he kept shooting... then he turned around for bobzilla then vinnie... teh hole time i thought it was part of the show... i had blood on me i was so close... i'm still freakin' out here...

after he turned around and kept shooting i was gone... i swear i almost crapped my pants... it was ####' crazy as ####... people were totally messed up outside... i was standing next to this one chick and she was crying and couldn't stop... she fell on the ground and it was like she was possesed or something... dude it was so kayotic its not even funny... the cops showed up and then people started sayin' that DBD was killed... then people started freaking out even more...

i can't belive this happend... its so crazy... its totally unreal and there's no way to describe how messed up i am right now...

i had tickets to the show in flint michigan too... i don't know whats going to happen... theres some blood on my ticket stub so i'm going to sell it on ebay or keep it or something... i know DBD is in heaven (or ripping some mad riffs in hell)

#### what a wild #### nigth... dude i won't even be able to sleep tonight
NBC affiliate WCMH 4 TV has posted a video report on the shooting incident at an Ohio nightclub which resulted in the death of DAMAGEPLAN guitarist Dimebag Darrell. Watch the video, which includes a brief interview with an eyewitness, at

Bye S•O•D
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Old School Metal forever.†.666.†.

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09.12.2004 10:50
#2 RE:Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten

Scoop of the Columbus, Ohio radio station The Blitz 99.7 FM has confirmed to BLABBERMOUTH.NET that DAMAGEPLAN drummer Vinnie Paul was uninjured in the shooting incident at a Columbus nightclub which resulted in the death of Paul's brother, Dimebag Darrell. According to Scoop, who attended the concert and briefly saw Vinnie following the incident, Paul was in a complete state of shock and expressed his desire to be with his brother right after the shooting occurred.

A friend of Scoop's, Kevin Minerd, who also attended the concert, told BLABBERMOUTH.NET that the gunman entered the stage from the left side and walked over to the right side where Dimebag was standing before grabbing the guitarist and pumping several bullets into him. Additional shots were fired, although it's presently unclear which other member of DAMAGEPLAN, if any, was killed in the incident.

"A Columbus police officer, when he arrived, engaged the shooter, and the shooter is also dead, and if the officer hadn't acted when he did and how he did, we'd probably be looking at more dead, because this guy was actively shooting," Sergeant Brent Mull, public information officer, told MTV News.

"We have 200-plus patrons that we have sequestered inside three city buses," Sergeant Mull explained. "We are interviewing them one by one. The ones that were inside and witnessed this, ran for their lives and were in fear for their lives. They are victims too, and we want to take care of them."

As news of Dimebag's (born Darrell Lance Abbott in Dallas, Texas on August 20, 1966) bizarre and tragic demise rippled through the metal community, the news was met with shock and sadness.

"I'm speechless," friend and ROB ZOMBIE/OZZY OSBOURNE bassist Rob "Blasko" Nicholson told MTV. "This is totally unreal. Dimebag is a fucking legend and this is total bullshit."

"This is insane and this is beyond travesty," KILLSWITCH ENGAGE frontman, and former DAMAGEPLAN tour partner, Howard Jones said. "This is beyond anything I've ever heard. This shouldn't happen in or outside of the rock and metal community. He will be missed and mourned as a person, as a musician, and as a friend."

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian, whose band has toured with PANTERA and has featured Dimebag guest appearances on their albums, stated in a posting on ANTHRAX's web site, "I am devastated as I'm sure we all are. All I can convey at this moment are my condolences to Rita and Vinnie and the whole family. My heart is with you."

Bye S•O•D
Webmaster of©
Old School Metal forever.†.666.†.

metOLLIca Offline

Heavy Metallifux

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09.12.2004 11:12
#3 RE:Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten

Jep, hab ich auch schon gelesen.

A fatal shooting occurred at a Damageplan concert on Wednesday night in Columbus, Ohio. Dimebag Darrell (Abbot) was one of the victims.

Columbus, Ohio's NBC 4 reports that the shooting took place shortly after 10 p.m. at the Alrosa Villa where Damageplan was performing.

NBC 4's reporter on the scene, David Wayne, reports that two members of the band, including Dimebag, were shot and killed and the gunman also reportedly died on the scene.

A man reportedly stormed the stage and began shooting as Damageplan began their set, according to an eye witness. The gunman reportedly fired five or six shots at Dimebag before being tackled by a bouncer as he fire on the stage and into the crowd, according to witness accounts. The gunman was then shot and killed by a police officer on the scene, said Columbus police Sgt. Brent Mull.

Damageplan was formed by Dimebag and his brother Vinnie Paul with Patrick Lachman and Bob Zilla.

Dimebag and Vinnie were members of Pantera, and the sons of country and western songwriter and producer Jerry Abbott.

We will post more detail as they become available. There are conflicting unconfirmed reports about the second member that was killed.

update: NBC 4 updated their report at 12:33 EST stating that 5 people were confirmed dead and the identity of the second band member that was murders has not been released.

AP reports that "Columbus police spokesman Sgt. Brent Mull said a police officer shot and killed the gunman." A witness told AP that a man in the jersey climbed onto the stage, started yelling and shot the Dimebag five or six times at close range.

und CNN:
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metOLLIca - formerly known as "the creeping death"

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Heavy Metallifux

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09.12.2004 11:40
#4 RE:Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten

und noch was (aus dem St. Germany Forum):

Aus dem Damage Plan Message Forum :

"My name is Mike Ziemer. I work for Bassmanagement. We handle Damageplan and this is a really painful and long night for me. My friend and boss, Chris, was acting as their tour manager for this tour and thinking of doing it full time. He is in the hospital and as far as i officially know, he is still alive."

"I've known them for 16 years. He wasn't just a guitarist, he was a friend. One of the nicest people I've met. Here is what I have been able to ascertain. Realize I could be wrong on some of this, but most of it is gospel.

1) Daryl is dead. We all know this.
2) Vinnie is fine (I have confirmed this)
3) A bassist from the opening band tried to shield Daryl and was shot. I do not know his condition, but I imagine critical.
4) Fans were shot
5) The other member dead is believed to be Pat Lachman. This has not been confirmed, but I have this on very good sources, but it is VERY late for any of us who know anyone to get any info.
6) Dime was taken to Riverside Hospital (DON'T CALL THERE!)
7) A bouncer was shot in the shoulder.
Someone was shot in the thigh, I believe this to be the bassist involved, but at point blank range, this may be critical.
9) Three are dead (at this writing) one being the shooter. One is Daryl, I am nearly 95% sure the other is Pat.
10) The shooter shot at Vince, but he crawled away on the floor and hit the deck (and you would too so no bullshit posts)
11) The death toll is now at 5
12) FOr those of you arguing about stupid ####, it was a UNIFORMED POLICE OFFICER who snuck in the back and shot the gunman. The cops received the call at 10:18
13) Mitch was working. He is okay.
14) A Hammer Strength Sec guard was shot
15) The other confirmed dead is a security guard (not the above)
16) There are now 5 confirmed dead.

This is all I know, and all anyone will probably know until morning. Peace be with you all.

My email is below, but don't email me unless it's important.



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metOLLIca - formerly known as "the creeping death"

S.O.D Offline


Beiträge: 6.630

09.12.2004 11:52
#5 RE:Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten

Ich finde das extrem zum kotzen - und fühle mich echt beschissen.

Was ist eigentlich los hier ??? Seit ihr alle nur sprachlos - oder interessiert euch das gar nicht ??? Oder wissen hier einige vielleicht nicht was das war ????

Bye S•O•D
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Old School Metal forever.†.666.†.

HeTill Offline

Admin, Inc.

Beiträge: 7.699

09.12.2004 12:44
#6 RE:Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten

heftig, mehr kann ich nicht sagen

There's innocence torn from its maker
And stillborn, the trust in you
This failure has made the creator
So would you tell him what to do

"Und nachts sind sie nicht mal im Stande gescheite nackte geile Weiber zu zeigen – nur so zensierte Erotik Kacke – wie Bier ohne Alkohol – der ganze Sender gehört ins All geschossen." (S.O.D über 9Live)

ChuckSchuldiner Offline

Scary Guy/Gal

Beiträge: 1.662

09.12.2004 13:34
#7 RE:Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten

Habs auch grad gelesen. Einfach nur kaputt, die Amis...

S.O.D Offline


Beiträge: 6.630

09.12.2004 13:39
#8 RE:Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten

Pat Lachman - der Sänger von Damage Plan ist jetzt auch seinen Verletzungen erlegen - er starb heute morgen im Krankenhaus.

Bye S•O•D
Webmaster of©
Old School Metal forever.†.666.†.

mig Offline

Veritas † Aequitas

Beiträge: 6.208

09.12.2004 14:24
#9 RE:Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten

Meine Güte... sowas ist einfach nur traurig.

Was bleibt ist wohl die Frage, wie das Ar***loch durch die Sicherheitskontrollen kommen konnte. Wobei die wohl bei nem Konzert in einem Nachtclub nicht ganz so streng wie bei einem großen Konzert sind... Argh, so ein kranker Psycho.

obi Offline

Helpless Member

Beiträge: 102

09.12.2004 14:36
#10 RE:Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten

ach du scheiße . . .
ich weiß echt nicht was ich sagen soll . . .

kirkyboy666 Offline

Stone Cold Member

Beiträge: 331

09.12.2004 15:18
#11 RE:Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten

mhm, ich bin im moment auch etwas sprachlos... das hört sich nach nem schlechten hollywood b-movie an....

wird in den usa garnicht kontrolliert oder wie kann so etwas passiern?
Feel your soul and let it travel all across this world
It's the journey not the destination as we know
Sometimes it feels like we can't breathe no more
Have to find the hope, let the spirit overcome

Soulfly ....Max rules!

JasoN Offline

Overkill Member

Beiträge: 549

09.12.2004 16:25
#12 RE:Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten

Sowas kann einem echt die Sprache verschlagen, das ist wirklich echt krank.

"Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the
beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short...
Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the
beast for it is a human number, it's number is Six hundred and sixty six."

Scary Guy Offline

Helpless Member

Beiträge: 111

09.12.2004 16:56
#13 RE:Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten

ein trauriger anlass, der mich hier dazu treibt, was zu schreiben. auch im metcamp sind alle teif betroffen, pantera eine meiner leibeliongsbands, dime einer meiner gitarrero-götter - einfach weg - für immer ! RIP, Brother !

When we start to rock,
We never want to stop again !

Saber Rider Offline

Godfather of Metal

Beiträge: 6.461

09.12.2004 17:38
#14 RE:Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten


Das darf doch nicht wahr sein!

Ich bin sprachlos.

"Oh come, let us adore him, abuse and then ignore him"

I'm sick of all you hypocrits, holding me at bay and I don't need your sympathy to get me throught the day
Seasons change, and so can I, hold on boy, no time to cry
Untie these strings, I'm climbing down, I won't let them push me away

Burden_of_Grief Offline

Comfortably Numb

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09.12.2004 17:49
#15 RE:Dimebag Darrell ist tot !!!!!!!!! Antworten

Holy Shit , nur noch kranke Leute dadrüben !

In Antwort auf:
Was bleibt ist wohl die Frage, wie das Ar***loch durch die Sicherheitskontrollen kommen konnte. Wobei die wohl bei nem Konzert in einem Nachtclub nicht ganz so streng wie bei einem großen Konzert sind... Argh, so ein kranker Psycho.

Hehe denkst du ;) als im September bei den Onkelz , ich wiederhole bei den Onkelz auf Konzert war , wurde mir lediglich der Oberkörper abgetastet und das war nicht nur bei mir so , das war bei mindt.20 % der Konzertbesucher , stand nämlich ne Weile noch hinter dem Einlass und da hätte man locker ne Knarre reinbekommen, also das Personal ist bei vielen Konzerten echt arschig. Traurig aber wahr.

Du willst ein Thema eröffnen und weißt nicht genau ob es vielleicht schon einmal da war? Dann benutze doch bitte die

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