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 Death Magnetic (Closed)
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CrypticWolf Offline

Godfather of Metal

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06.09.2008 15:17
#16 RE: Cyanide - Das erste Küken ist geschlüpft! Antworten

krass was quali ausmachen kann. so in guter soundqualität rockt cyanide auch total!

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Child of the Wicked Offline

Resident Mädchenschwarm of Death

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07.10.2008 10:49
#17 RE: Cyanide - Das erste Küken ist geschlüpft! Antworten


(aus diesem Interview mt Lars:

I think when a piece of music comes out and you really like it, all that does is make the time you devote listening to music that much more enjoyable.

I hear what you’re saying. Let me tell you something that I haven’t told anyone else…I’m 100% sure on this (laughing)! When we sat down to pick the first [new] song to play live [“Cyanide”], we purposely picked what we thought would be the most middle of the road song. When I sat down to start picking the snippets to give away on the sites, I purposely sat there and tried to find the least dynamic, least interesting parts of every song…


Yeah, instead of starting with the best riffs or the best entire new song I just decided to go the other way. Like here’s “Cyanide”, [I] love the song, love playing it live, but you know it’s not the thrasher right off the top, it’s not “My Apocalypse”, it’s just a great middle of the road song. With the snippets, I was hoping people would hear a bit and say, you know, “fuck, this rocks” or whatever, I wanted to be able to build on that. It feels like that was the right thing to do, people continued to find new things as we let more and more out there. To me, it psyched people up instead of giving them something, that anything after would essentially be downhill from there.

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mig Offline

Veritas † Aequitas

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07.10.2008 14:00
#18 RE: Cyanide - Das erste Küken ist geschlüpft! Antworten

Der Lars...

Übrigens ein sehr gutes Interview, dessen Fragen mal abseits der 08/15-Schemen liegen.

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Cause walls will only crush you when they fall
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Saber Rider Offline

Godfather of Metal

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07.10.2008 14:04
#19 RE: Cyanide - Das erste Küken ist geschlüpft! Antworten

Naja, ich finds etwas unglücklich ausgedrückt, aber dieses "middle of the road" stimmt schon und ich find das auch genau richtig so wie sies gemacht haben.
Nur hätt ich als zweiten Song vielleicht nicht unbedingt The Day that never comes genommen, genausowenig wie als Single...

"To the people that dwell and drown themselves in negative elements (locally and beyond), you will go down alone... you know who you are and what you are. Worry about your own life, then you will know what it is like to live, rather than merely exist."

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