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26.06.2018 13:49
Passwords not working on a mac after upgrading to High Sierra from Yosemite Antworten


I've had a coworker's Mac who's been on 10.10.5 for a very long time and is finally upgrading to High Sierra. However, after the upgrade all users lose the ability to login. The mac simply shakes as if they've entered the wrong password, however, I know that password is correct. It sits for about 10 seconds before rejecting it, too. It's not immediate. Using the resetpassword utility from recovery mode doesn't fix it.
The weird thing is that after the upgrade, the machine logs in just fine, you have the desktop and everything. But when you try to unlock, say, user accounts in sysprefs, it doesn't accept the passwords at the admin authentication prompt. I tried opening terminal, but the shell never comes up and only says "login incorrect." I also noticed that I can't change the keychain password in Keychain access. Once you log out, you can't get back into the Mac.It's not a network login (i.e. activedirectory). It doesn't matter which user on the machine I try.I also tried doing a wipe-and-reinstall, then recovering users from Time Machine, but this puts the Mac into a reboot loop. I'm going to try upgrading him just to regular Sierra after my next full TIme Machine restore to see if I can at least get that far, but this has been truly baffling. Google isn't much help, either.
Any Ach wizards with ideas?

Please help.

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