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22.11.2018 02:29
The abysmal start to the 2019 season already has Steelers Nation on the warpath with pitchforks in hand Antworten

Steelers vs. Falcons: Three Steelers who need to step up at Heinz Field in Week 5 Letís be honest here Alejandro Villanueva Jersey , the whole team needs to step up, including the coaching staff. It wonít be an easy task going against the high-powered Atlanta Falcons offense on Sunday afternoon but, just like Pittsburgh, Atlanta has issues on defense. I would be taking the OVER (58) if I were a betting man. Letís take a look at this weekís trio. Ben RoethlisbergerRoethlisberger has had some Jekyll-and-Hyde in his play this year, and it seems increasingly to be an issue with him. Iím not saying Ben is done, but I do believe heís as stubborn as a mule, and thatís impacting his play and, ultimately, the outcome of games. Make no mistake about it, this season hinges on what No. 7 brings to the table. Getting little to no help from the defense, Big Ben needs to reappear. Heís owned up to his poor play lately, and it was the right thing for him to do. But talking about it means little at this point ó we need results on the field, not a feel-good moment during an interview. Antonio Brown I know AB and Roethliberger have been out of sorts, not on the same page or Brown zigging when Benís zagging. I know No. 84 will draw more than his share of attention on the field from opposing defenses, but itís time to reclaim his title of ďBest In The World.Ē I know itís in there, and I realize the responsibility doesnít fall solely on Brown, but (in Bruce Bufferís voice) ITíS TIIIIIIIIIIIME!Alejandro Villanueva Iím starting to think itís a bad idea to give players new/juicy contracts in Pittsburgh. The former Army Ranger has come along way in a short time Authentic Vince Williams Jersey , but it seems as if he has reached another plateau in his play.
The fact heís been walked back and is getting beat on a regular basis needs to get fixed. Iím not laying all the blame at his feet but heís paid handsomely to protect the most important person to our football team and season. So letís get back to doing what Villanueva got paid to do. You donít have to run-block because we donít run the ball anymore, but keeping the opponentís EDGE rusher off of the QB is top priority. You: Blitz, Where are the defensive guys?Me: Thatís what Iíd like to know.So, in the comments section, tell me your thoughts and who you believe needs to bring their ďAĒ game on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons if the Steelers are to secure a win.5 players to watch as the Steelers play the Browns in Week 1 The meaningless games are over, and it is time for the games which will be tallied on every teamís win-loss record. For the Pittsburgh Steelers, they start the year off with a trip to Cleveland to play the Browns. Some Steelers fans still view this as a cake walk for the black-and-gold, and it certainly could end up being just that, but this isnít your fatherís bumbling Browns anymore. After several key offseason acquisitions, and a slew of quality rookies about to enter the prime of their careers, the Steelers will have their hands full on Sunday with Mother Nature reportedly bearing down on them along Lake Eerie.It is time to check in on 5 Steelers to keep an eye on, as they will have a huge impact on the outcome of the or lose.1. Terrell EdmundsEdmunds is reportedly getting his first start of his young career, and when the Steelers took him with their first round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, not many saw this happening. Nonetheless, Edmundsí speed, athleticism and overall playmaking ability make him someone who can change the game in the blink of an eye. The question now remains if Edmundsí rookie gaffes, which are bound to happen Youth Bud Dupree Jersey , will be of the back-breaking variety. Keep your eye on No. 34.2. Antonio BrownEveryone knows how good Antonio Brown is, but fans havenít seen him yet this season. After sitting out the entire preseason with an injured quadriceps, Brown looks to pick up where he left off in 2017. It is difficult to simulate game speed and explosion, and the hope is Brown doesnít suffer a setback in the sloppy conditions in Cleveland.3. James ConnerWithout LeíVeon Bell, it is James Connerís time to shine. The second-year running back will get his first NFL start in Week 1, and it is time for Conner to show he is a mudder. With less-than-ideal weather conditions expected, Conner could be the staple which keeps the offense together in the form of the ground game. A great opportunity to showcase he is ready to be a feature back in the NFL, but also a chance for him to also show how important Bellís return is he slips up in more ways than one. 4. Jon BosticWithout Ryan Shazier, Bostic will have a giant spotlight on him as the team hopes to get their run defense, and overall athleticism back after the dreaded Sean Spence experiment of 2017. Bostic has had mixed reviews during the preseason, and fans are hoping he is comfortable in the system to be able to fill in better than those who tried last season.5. Chris BoswellWind and rain are not a kickerís friend, but if there is anyone who is accustomed to these conditions it would be Boswell. The Wizard of Boz being on point and converting on all of his kicks will be huge in the game. But equally important will be his kickoffs. Not allowing the Browns to get quality field position, and forcing them to drive on the defense, will be a huge help for a defense still searching for its identity.

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